Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our life

 Finley turned FOUR!! She had a big party with all her cousins!
 We went to a splash pad and then went back to Gpa and Gma Johnson's for cake.

 When everyone started to sing to her she got embarrassed. She doesn't love to be the center of attention!

 Finley's Big Birthday present!! A trampoline!
 Every year we have a big party with her cousin's and friends and then on our actual birthdays we go and pick out a treat, having our own little family party!
 I love when I find these two like this!!
 There is something so peaceful to me about Finley on a swing. She is so care free, I love it!!
 She takes after her dad in love of movies and popcorn!! Every time we go by the movie theater she always asked if we can go to the movie.
 Ryan also had a birthday!! We decided the night before that we would give him one of his gifts, so Finley took it down to him, he opened it and then I went and got into the shower..... When I came back downstairs all his presents were around him. Finley had come up and taken each one down to him!! He had no presents on his actual birthday but she was way happy for giving him all his gifts!!

 I have been trying to teach Finley the importance of a clean room and helping me clean it up, I asked her to clean it and she took everything off the floor and put it on her bed!! Ha she was so happy that her floor clean!
 She got into the acrylic paints!!! AHHH is what i hear from Ryan's mouth so I come down the stairs and find Finley like this!!!! Some how she managed to keep it all on the paper or herself, none on the carpet!!

 Lots of time with cousins swimming!! They wanted to put the sunscreen on each other.
 Finley and Luah continue to love each other!! They fight like siblings sometimes it drives me crazy!!
 We love warm rain!! And it was pretty much a flood for us!!
A pool is good, A trampoline with sprinklers is good.... but together they are the best!!!
Randomly we decided to peer pressure my sister into dying her hair black!!!
And of course I am a professional hair dresser.... ha ha

More swimming with her cousins!!
She also got her own head phones.
Went to Lagoon!!
Shared a milkshake!!
Finley had her first dentist visit! She did great, no cavities!!
My siblings, always a photogenic group!
The night before Finn's first day of school, we measured her on her wall so we could see the beginning of the year and the end!!
We went school shopping and Finn saw these pants she fell in love with them!! So naturally she wore them for her first day of preschool. Her teacher is Ms. Rachel, she really is enjoying the time away from me I think, wants to go every day!!
And then there is this.... We are still on our journey trying to have another baby. We went to a new Dr, from Reproductive Care Center, and have been through every test there is. I was told by other dr's that I had PCOS, that wasn't correct. Then I was told by another that is was Endometriosis, also false. Turns out my body is completely healthy, no reason why I shouldn't be getting pregnant..... I was happy that it turned out that I have a functioning body but there was also sadness, why then was I unable to have a baby?? So this last month we did more fertility meds pared with an HCG injection and we did an IUI.
Ryan had to give me the injection, I had a small panic attack!! Finley's face says it all!!

And here was a practice one before I really let him do it, haha it wasn't a fun experience but it was funny. Ryan panicked a little and pressed really hard to get the stuff in out of the needle, it won't go in, it won't go in! It did and I ended up having a bruise from the shot.(Below picture)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh I will post only three times a YEAR ha ha

 We had family pictures taken a few months ago, and me being a slacker, I am just barely downloading them! I really love how they turned out!! It was so cold when we had them done, but Finley was a trooper. I can't wait till I can print a ton of them and hang them all over my house, for any that will come and visit just get ready for wall to wall pictures!!

 Finley continues to be a daddy's girl, which I really love and super enjoy watching as they interact! She is such a child now, no longer my little baby girl, but pretty much an adult. She is quiet the character also, she get sarcastic with people and understands our sarcasm. Really really enjoys being around family all of her cousins and grandparents. She plays Just Dance at any point that she can, she doesn't like to hold the remote but can get the moves to her favorite songs. I took her to group swim lesson's about two months ago the first day was a disaster!! Finley cried the whole time I had to hold her onto the wall and I was fully dressed I left completely wet, but she gradually got better and better as every day went on. I know that the first day was horrible because the last day of class I had four, FOUR mom come up and tell me how much she had improved!! ha ha.
For Chirstmas we went to my mom's and then went to AZ to stay with Nicole, while we were there we were lucky enough to get tickets the Fiesta Bowl! Doubly exciting is that Oregon was one of the teams!! The tickets that we purchased were last minute and ended up being on the Kansas State side, it was all purple around us and them us in green ha ha!! I was so much fun, always great to be around family.

We also got called to be in the nursery today. When we got the call from the secretary I just knew it was going to be in nursery. It was kind of hard to except the calling for two reasons. Number one we put an offer in on a house and I really really would love to get this house, to finally have a space of our own that I know we won't be moving from for at least five years!! Number two is harder to explain, we have been trying now for almost two years to get pregnant, three different rounds of fertility treatments and I am now onto my fourth. I didn't know how to take this calling, as ok here is your test for patience before you get another child. Or if it was enjoy these children because you won't be having anymore of your own. I know it sounds crazy to most but its hard, hard to see some people get pregnant and then here we are unable to. I start to think that this is my karma coming back to get me. But we excepted the calling and I am really excited to try it out and see how we handle everything!! Wish us LUCK!! ha ha.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Finley's first time tubing. She wasn't sure about it at first but then she really enjoyed it.

 This is Sandy, she is Finley's little buddy! Sandy is our friends dog and Finley loves her, they act like siblings!
 And Finley loves Whiskey! (that's the dog). But funny story, we were at Harmon's in the produce section and Finley was going through all the dogs she loves, "I love Sandy", "I love Dugar", And then as loud as she can she says, "I love Whiskey!" The looks I got were priceless!!
 My mom has this recipe for rolls that we all love, so I had her teach it to me! Thanks mom.

 This is our poser daughter, she can't just take a normal picture it has to be her own quirky take on it!

 We had the annual Johnson Beach trip, it was really nice to be at the beach! Totally relaxing.
 Finley and Ryan making a trail of turtles to the ocean

 Sand angel
 Sleepy girl on the beach!

 Product placement!

We loved the beach! Ryan is in school full time so between work and school, we don't have as much time together as we would like together so the beach was a great time. Finley loved all the time with her cousins, she didn't want to let Sadie and Jaxson go back to Arizona, luckily we will be going down there for Christmas!!

About Us

Ryan and I had a celebration on August 8, 2008!! Married, another celebration on June 14 2009 when we welcomed Finley Hoyt Johnson into the world...and then the greatest celebration when we were sealed in the Manti Temple as a family eternal on October 8, 2009!! We are living each moment happy as ever in Utah. Ryan works for a mortgage company and I work as a care tech, and Finley is just growing growing growing!